This PTA Finds Humor Helps Explain School Drop-Off Procedures

by Rose Hamilton


If you drop your kids off at school, you know how long it can take.There's always a parent up ahead unloading things from the trunk or a child finishing breakfast in the car. It's enough to make even the easiest-going parent a little unhinged. So the PTA at Pleasantdale Elementary in West Orange, N.J. figured out a really clever way to explain to parents how drop-off should work and why it's important to follow the rules. A group of dad volunteers pitched in to make the video, which promotes a "kiss and go,'' concept of getting your kids out of the car and on their way as quickly as possible. It also addresses safety concerns so parents make an effort to obey road rules and help keep everyone save. Well done, Pleasantdale PTA! And thanks for letting us share the video!

West Orange Pleasantdale Elementary School PTA Kiss n' Go Instructional Video from Chris Onjian on Vimeo.

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