Last-Minute Fall Festival and Halloween Event Tips

by Rose Hamilton


If you are looking to for a new twist to your fall event, take a look at our recent Facebook post where we asked groups to name their most popular activity. Here are some ideas:

For old-fashioned fun: A cake walk adds a certain charm to fall events, and several community members said they are big hits at their events. If you need help in putting one together, read our musical cakes article. Also, we have a free cake donation request template you can download from our File Exchange and use to ask parents to send in goodies.

A few parent groups said they do alternatives to cake prizes, including a book walk that provides children’s books as prizes and a pumpkin walk in which the winners receive pumpkins.


For the neatniks: Set up an activity station to make treat bags. Children can decorate paper bags with crayons and stickers and then use the bags to hold their prizes and other items they collect at the event.

For the truly daring: One parent group is planning a principal-dunking event in which the principal will wear a suit covered with mint Mentos candies and then get dunked in diet cola! Wow.

Other favorites: Post a "Guess Who" gallery of Halloween photos from last year; run a face painting booth; hold a silly string war, and host a trunk-or-treat event in the school parking lot during the fall festival.

Also, we did not forget about the food. What's a fall festival without a burger or hot dog? So, if your group plans to sell food at its fall event, download our new concession stand printables on our File Exchange. The new printables include:

Snack bar price sheet

Snack bar menu

Price list

Happy fall, everyone!

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