Movie Nights Give Families a Fun Way To Make Connections

by Rose Hamilton


If you need an idea for a family event this fall, how about our free Family Movie Night kit? Movie nights work well this time of year. With cooler weather and shorter days, it’s nice to spend an evening together watching a favorite film. Kids can snuggle with blankets, and parents can kick back and relax.

Chances are, parents will get to know each other a little bit more and that only helps foster a sense of community at your school.

The beauty of a Family Movie Night is it can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. Some groups go all out with a movie night theme that includes decorations, food, and costumes. Others keep it low-key, serving just popcorn and drinks.

One of the cuter ideas we’ve heard about recently is to collect large cardboard boxes for the younger children to use as cars at the event. The children can sit in their cars in front of the movie screen and pretend they are at a drive-in movie.

A good tip we’ve come across is to provide kids with some time in the school gym before the event so they can run around, blown off steam, and then settle in once the movie starts.

Our Family Movie Night kit includes these ideas as well as many other suggestions to make your event special. Plus, we just created cute (and free) movie night tickets that you can download from our File Exchange. You can hand these out to families ahead of time to give your event more of an at-the-movies feel or use them if you charge admission.

Also, check out our Family Movie Night board on Pinterest where we’ve gathered lots of ideas to enhance your event! You are bound to get inspiration there.


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