This parent involvement stuff isn't always easy, but sometimes groups miss out on the simple, foundational steps that make a big difference long-term. Has your group taken care of these fundamentals?

1. Communication. Do you have an updated email list of parents and a way to communicate regularly with your parent community? There are many options for this basic, including PTO Today's free Parent Express Email tool.

2. Insurance. Protecting your leaders, your group, and your assets is also a basic. You have homeowner's and auto and health insurance, right? PTO Insurance is likewise a necessity.  Read more about our PTO and PTA insurance options.

3. Clear, organized books. Long-term success depends on the whole school trusting that your group is taking care of its funds -- the funds parents provide -- well. Who is counting cash? Who has a look at your books? Read "5 Smart Financial Controls" for some great information. 

4. A sense of humor and fun. Keep things as light as you can and don't take yourself too seriously. Yes, I realize I'm talking about fun right after insurance and finances. But you can do the basics well and still be a warm, lighthearted group. Fun makes life way more gratifying for existing volunteers and makes it way more likely that you'll attract new ones. And finding someone to take your job is what it's all about, right? 

Good luck!