Family Movie Nights: Pass the Popcorn and Build a Community

by Rose Hamilton


A comedian once said he didn’t like it when people applauded at the end of a movie because they are basically clapping for the projector. Funny, I actually love it when people clap because it makes me feel like I’m part of a shared experience. For a brief moment, everyone is connected and agreeing that something was awesome.

That shared-experience feeling is what makes Family Movie Nights such a great way for you to build a sense of community at your school. Gather up a bunch of parents and kids to watch something like Disney’s Frozen, and chances are there’ll be a sing-along of “Let It Go.” Those moments help make a connection. Next time the parents see each other, say in the pickup line at school, they’ll say hello and maybe share a joke about the movie they watched together. That’s the start of a community.

Our free Family Movie Night kit includes tips for organizing events and many ideas on activities and snacks to help make the evening a success. The kit also has information on licensing a movie (required for any public movie showing).

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Have a fun event, and just my two cents: Clap as often as you want to.

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