Last-Minute, Extra-Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas


We know you’re out there—those of you who thrive on deadlines or just haven’t had a chance to get ready yet for Valentine’s Day this year! Here are a few ideas that take almost no time to put together so you can do them today or tomorrow!

by Rose Hamilton


Prepackaged treats
With minimal decorations, you can add a little pizzazz to store-bought snacks and have instant Valentine treats. Dig out basic craft stuff, and we do mean basic—pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, and ribbon. Attach to snacks with simple notes. For instance, you can transform a fruit cup into a love bug, like this one from The Melrose Family


Or, download this printable from our friends at to wrap a simple snack bar with a Valentine message. If you have a printer, stapler, and scissors, you are good to go. Click the image below to get the printable message. 



You can find more prepackaged snack ideas by clicking on this image: 


Simple notes 
Ask the principal whether the children can send “love notes” to teachers. If you get the OK, download our love note template from the File Exchange. Add a note to the top of the printout asking parents to help their children write a note to the teacher and return before Friday, Feb. 12. Make copies and deliver to classrooms. Ask the teacher to either hand out to children (no peeking!) or tuck into children’s backpacks. Click the image below to download. 


Party favor 
Run to a hardware or paint store and ask whether they’ll give you pink and red paint sample cards. Stop at a nearby craft store to get a scrapbooking hole puncher with a heart shape and grab some ribbon while you’re there. Make Valentine bookmarks and hand them out to the kids. These bookmarks were posted at Teaching My Friends. 


Easy class party project 
If you don’t have much planned for a Valentine’s Day party later this week, here’s something you can do fast: Download our Valentine’s Day Heart Tree template. All you need for this is paper, markers, and glue. At the party, help the children write messages to their teacher and classmates. Click the image below to download. 


Fun craft for kids
Another class activity that you can put together quickly is this Heart Man from Crafty Morning. You could grab these supplies at the grocery store! You need red plastic cups, construction paper, googly eyes, tape, scissors, and a permanent marker! Click the image to get instructions. 

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