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How To Get Parents Involved on Your Facebook Page

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Tips from community members about using Facebook to promote their groups.

by Rose Hamilton


We’ve been having good conversations recently with community members about using Facebook to promote their group and build their own online communities.

Some of you reported that when you post an item on your page, it doesn’t seem to reach all of your followers. These days, this is how it goes on Facebook. It’s not you.

However, there’s lots you can do to build up your Facebook community. Check out our post called 5 Easy Ways Your Group Can Use Facebook to get ideas for posts and how to best manage the time you spend on Facebook.

Promote your parent group! 8 ways to educate your school community

Also try these steps:

1. When you post, tag parents in the comments section. That way, you are making sure they’ll see the post.

2. Consider directly asking parents who follow you to share the post. You can say, “Please help us get the word out about our upcoming auction by sharing this post with your friends!”

3. Remind parents at meetings and events to follow your group on Facebook. It helps to put a reminder in emails, newsletters, and flyers.

4. Ask for a vote on something. You will definitely get comments! Keep it simple though; you don’t want to conduct an actual business vote or raise anything controversial on Facebook. Instead, try something like, “We need help deciding what’s the best snack to serve at our next meeting. We have the choice of bagels, fruit salad, or muffins. Please vote for one. (Bonus: You may get more folks to your meeting!)

5. In addition to posting information about events and activities, try to get people commenting on and sharing your posts by adding heartwarming quotes and humorous items. (Just make sure the humor is pretty tame!)

To get you started, we’re including several quote images here. Right-click to download the images and use them on your own Facebook pages.

Here’s an Irish proverb that will come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day!


These next quotes are great for motivating your community. For instance, you could post the Oprah quote and say, “Makes us think of all the wonderful parents we have at our school!”


It’s a good idea to give a nod to teachers every now and then. They are an important part of your group!


And this would be a good one to tuck away for the end of the school year.

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly.

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