6 Ways To Shake Things Up in Your Group

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Things feeling stale? Sometimes a little change is all you need.


Rev Up Your Technology

Take advantage of so many parents being plugged in by using technology to reach out. For example, consider live-streaming your meetings or holding a Twitter party while parents are waiting in the pickup line.

Change Your Big Event

Planning a new marquee event is a sure way to get people talking and to generate excitement. You can think big (like a winterfest) or outlandish (like the gym teacher in a dunk tank).

Reward Good Effort

Let your parents know you care about their hard work by taking the time to acknowledge them. Perhaps you could select several “volunteers of the month” to profile on your website or bulletin board.

Hold Outings With a Purpose

Planning some periodic outings for your board to bond will give everyone a chance to discuss what’s working and what isn’t, in a relaxed and informal setting.

Actively Seek Input

Let members know that your group is always looking for fresh input. Repeat this message frequently and through different mediums (your newsletter, Facebook page, etc.).

Change Your Meetings

Some simple changes can both increase meeting attendance and make them more fun. For example, consider alternating meeting times so more parents can attend. And depending on your agenda, invite a guest speaker.

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