The PTO Today Live expos are in the house! The crew here at PTO Today, along with tons of fundraising and A&E exhibitors, come to select cities for one day only to celebrate All Things PTO and PTA with groups like yours.

Whether you bring your whole PTO squad or fly solo, it’s your chance to share what’s worked (and what hasn’t) with other local leaders, listen while PTO Today experts dish about everything from volunteer recruitment to fun runs, and get the scoop on 501(c)(3). Learn how to make a school supply cake or assemble an auction basket with hands-on demos, watch live arts & enrichment acts, and chat with fundraising vendors face-to-face. Sounds dreamy, right?

Oh, and we’re not done yet—there’s also all the fun freebies you’ll get. And because we want you to be able to snag as much swag as you can, we’ll have a free tote bag waiting for you at check-in to stuff silly as you stroll the hall. Here are just a few of the hot items you’ll want to get your hands on.

PTO Today swag bag

Exactly how much free stuff fits in that tote bag, anyway? Well, we’re only half-kidding when we say you’re going to need a bag to carry your bag—especially if you win that Canon printer or Yankee Candle gift set. Just get ready to fill ’er up! Some PTO peeps have been known to bring their own pushcart or wagon—this is serious business, after all.

Bags vary in color and size from year to year


Coffee tumbler that totally nails #ptolife

It’s true—volunteers run on good vibes and lots and lots of coffee! Grab your free tumbler at check-in (valid only if you register before Aug. 31, 2018), brought to you by Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising. After learning about All the PTO Things at the expos, you’re definitely going to want a full cup for the ride home.


Spirit Sticks for (literally) every occasion

The only problem you’ll have is deciding which Spirit Stick you love most! Good thing our friends at the Spirit Monkey booth don’t mind if you grab a handful. The “school volunteer” and “super mom” ones go fast, so get there early.


PTO superpower bumper sticker

You heart PTO and want the whole world to know it, so naturally, you need a bumper sticker for the back of your mom bus. To get your free “I’m a PTO Mom, what’s your superpower?” bumper sticker, just write a review in our Vendor Directory (it’s like Yelp for PTO and PTA groups) ahead of the event. Then, show your review (on your phone) to a PTO Today staff member to get your free bumper sticker. (Or, as we say here in Massachusetts, “bumpah stickah!” For all our MA PTO peeps, did you know we have a show in Connecticut this fall?). Bumper stickers available while supplies last.


Unlimited pizza

Why bother bringing a lunch when you can gorge yourself on pizza at the pizza fundraising booths? Go on, have that fifth slice for the sake of your school—and it’s totally OK that it’s only 10 a.m. We don’t judge.


A boatload of school supplies

Here in PTO Land, it’s never too early to start thinking teacher appreciation. Grab your PTO crew and join us at the PTO Today presentation area for a hands-on school supply cake-making demo—one lucky school will win a bunch of supplies from our friends at TeacherLists for the next cake you make!


Chocolatey goodness

When the munchies strike, we’ll let you decide how much World’s Finest Chocolate is socially acceptable to sample. Don’t worry about hiding your face as you grab a handful on your third lap around the hall; we know, it’s “for the kids” (ha!).


Warm cookies

Need we say more? Because really, if you’re going to do a cookie fundraiser, someone has to test the goods first. Boy, this PTO gig can be tough sometimes.


A tablet so you can PTO on the go

While you don’t need to livestream an impromptu PTO meeting from the front seat of your minivan at pickup, keeping this handy Kindle Fire 7 in your PTO go bag just might increase the odds of it actually happening. Enter to win one at the 99 Pledges booth.



The printer every PTO leader dreams about

It’s true—printers, labelmakers, unlimited coffee, and free office supplies (hands off those gel pens, kid) are the stuff of PTO dreams. You just might walk away with an amazing Canon printer that can print up to 7,000 pages with the included set of inks—perfect for your PTO office (another dream!) or that school maker space you’ve been wanting to start. Stop by the Canon booth for your chance to win.


A private consult with a PTO Today expert (Plus members only!)

Whether you have a principal who’s a bit of a Debbie Downer or you’re just looking to bounce around a few fundraising ideas, this is your chance to spend 15 minutes with a PTO Today expert! Laugh, run numbers, and get ideas (and some free advice) in this one-on-one chat—nothing is off-limits! Available to PTO Today Plus members only.


Everything you ever wanted to know about fun runs

OK, so technically it’s not “swag,” but we like to think that great ideas and useful tips are worth their weight in gold. Join us for an informative session about fun runs or any other type of -⁠athon you might do, including a Q&A with an expert from Get Movin’ Crew.


So many more freebies we can’t even list them all here

From edible sand art to bedazzled pet collars, you’ll find more PTO swag than you can imagine. With an average of 60 different fundraising and A&E exhibitors at every PTO Today Live expo location, you might want to consider road-tripping to every single show. A PTO leader can dream, right?


What are you waiting for? Register for a PTO Today Live expo near you—then save the date, round up your crew, clear out your trunk (you’re going to need that space!), and get ready to learn, dish, and celebrate everything that is #ptolife. We hope to see you there!

Exhibitors and sample giveaways vary by location.