From glow dances to reading pledge drives, it's time to get planning! Get tips and tools 👉

You Know You're a PTO Parent When...


That moment when you know there's no turning back.


You own a Crock-Pot in every size and you buy more when you see them at Goodwill or yard sales. —Kathy M.


You tell parents that in order to raise Box Tops numbers, they should consider going through their recycling bins at work. —Kathy H.


The teachers say they should just put you on the payroll. —Shana B.


You go [out] for a family dinner and you leave with 400 “kids eat free” passes! —Val D.


You spend all day working on carnival things even though it’s your birthday. —Kim H.


You haven’t done laundry in two weeks because you have been planning a fall festival! —Catherine H.


You’re that crazy lady in line at Walmart with 600-plus packs of glow sticks, glow bracelets, etc. —Sarah C.


Every available moment is consumed by planning, or planning for planning. —Darla B.


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