Group Email Communication Tips


What you need to know for sending effective email messages to parent group members.


The Basics

What should we send emails about?
Email is a great way to keep parents informed, but you don't want to overload their inboxes. Limit your group emails to messages that provide parents with useful information and remind them about important events. Don't forward jokes or messages unrelated to the group.

How often should we send emails?
Consider sending emails on a regular schedule. In a monthly or semimonthly email, you can make parents aware of events coming up in the next few weeks. For big events, such as a school carnival, you may also want to send a reminder email a week or so in advance.

How should we format them?
PTO email messages don't need to be fancy, but they should have a consistent format so readers know what to expect. If your email mentions more than one topic, set the items apart with numbers or bold headers. At the top of the email, list the topics in the order of their appearance. This will help busy readers find information more quickly.


Include contact information whenever you ask parents to participate in any way. For each contact person listed, be sure to include both an email address and a phone number to make it easier for parents to get in touch.

Email isn't the place to joke around or use sarcasm. Readers may misinterpret your message.


Don't use all capital letters, even for headlines. In email, writing in all capital letters comes across as yelling.

Too much color can be distracting. It's best to stick with basic black for headlines and text. Avoid backgrounds with colors or patterns.

Email Etiquette

Use blind carbon copy (bcc) to keep email addresses confidential.

Only send emails to people who have asked to join the list. Include instructions on how someone can be removed from the email list.

Creative Ideas

  • Tell parents about free or discount family events happening in your community.

  • Include links to helpful information or articles that may interest parents.

Make creating and sending emails (and managing all those addresses!) a breeze with PTO Today's Parent Express Email, a free parent group email tool.


# Natalie2 2019-09-09 15:32
Utterly useless information.
Everyone knows how to send professional emails and what they should contain. That's just common sense. The question is HOW? PTA's don't want to spend upwards of $150 a year of parent donations on a bulk email service. So HOW do you contact hundreds of parents by email without having to pay a fortune for it?
# Lani @ PTO Today 2019-09-10 13:36
Hi, Natalie2 -- thanks for your comment! You're right, it's unrealistic to expect parent groups to pay for a full-scale bulk email service. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-cost and free options available. Our Parent Express Email service ( is one of them, and it's free and created specifically for parent groups. MailChimp is another popular option.

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