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Bylaws/Nonprofit Resources

Articles and tools for understanding your PTO bylaws and becoming a nonprofit group with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Free Incorporation Guide
How To Incorporate a School PTO

How To Incorporate a School PTO

Don’t be intimidated by the process of incorporation! We cover the benefits, information you should know before you start, and the three key steps to follow.

PTO Today Article

What's the Difference Between PTA and PTO?

While organizational structure distinguishes PTO and PTA groups, the commitment of their leaders is the same: to support and improve their school communities.

PTO Today Article

Switching From PTA to PTO

Key steps if your group is planning to change from a PTA to an independent PTO.

PTO Today Article

PTO vs. PTA: Differences at a Glance

Dues, insurance, nonprofit status, and more—get the scoop on how PTAs and independent PTOs handle these areas.

Expert Guide

Startup Toolkit

Our comprehensive guide walks you through all the essential steps to make your group a successful independent entity.

PTO Today Article


Answers to some basic questions about PTOs and PTAs, including how to get started organizing your group.


Parent Group Acronym Logo Clip Art

Logos for PTOs, PTCs, HSAs, PTSOs, PTCs, etc., each in several different colors and two designs. These logos have no school name attached, so they can be used by any group!

Video Series

8 Habits for Successful PTOs and PTAs

Expert advice and practical tips on how to run a successful PTO or PTA, in a nine-part video keynote by Tim.

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Resources for Starting a PTO

Are you ready to start an independent parent group at your school? Here’s what you need to know.