{Teacher Gift Contribution Letter Download}

Letter Copy:

Dear Parents in [Teacher Name]’s Class,

It’s that time of year again! School is almost done, and we all start thinking about ways to thank our teachers for another fabulous school year.

I am organizing a group gift for our dedicated teachers for those parents who wish to participate. I did this last year and the teachers were thrilled, plus parents liked that they didn't have to put much thought into an amazing gift. Your contribution to the group gift is completely optional, and if you prefer to give your own gift, that is fine. Just mark the box below to indicate you are not participating so that I don’t check back with you about your contribution.

The group gift collection is for our classroom only. I suggest an amount of $15 for each teacher. You can also choose to contribute whatever amount you’d like to. Once you decide your contribution allocation, please fill out the section below and return this letter and cash in an envelope in your child’s folder, and I will get it. Please put my name on the envelope. My email address is below.

Thank you!

[Include your name and email address here]

Child’s Name: _____________________________________

Please participate as you like. Your gift amount is confidential.

Teacher Name                 Amount donated
[Teacher Name 1]            $ ____________
[Teacher Name 2]            $ ____________

[ ] We will be doing our own gift-giving, thanks!

Thanks to Amber Rohal over at RaisingOurRedheads.com for sharing!