Teacher Gifts From the Class

Looking for ideas for what to give the teacher from the entire class this holiday season? We polled veteran homeroom moms and parent group leaders and rounded up the best and most popular gift ideas for you. So, look no further!


If you are too busy to read this whole thing, the #1 gift idea is....... GIFT CARDS!!!

Here are some more specific ideas from our Facebook community:

1. Make a basket and in it included everything for Christmas dinner for their family including a movie and popcorn to watch together after and of course something yummy for dessert. If you don't know what kind of meat they do like ham or turkey u can put a gift card in it to the grocery store. And for a special touch make a serving platter signed by all the students, or recipes how to make the stuff in the basket families can put favorite recipes. ~ Amey T.

2. We do a teacher survey in Sept, on it we have a wish list, we usually will choose items from the wish list to give as a classroom gift, it not only benefits the teacher but the students as well, then we also choose a more personal gift card or gift based on the their likes from the survey. ~ Tammy O.

3. I overheard a few teachers talking about Christmas gifts at our school's book fair a few weeks ago. They mentioned that things for their classrooms (books, games, art supplies, gift cards) were excellent ideas. ~ M. Nelson

4. A good $$ amount gift card. Along with handmade cards from each kid. ~ Suzie B.

5.  A class-made gift and a spa gift card. ~ Danielle B.

6. We like getting a bunch of pics together and making a special dvd with good background music and giving that as a gift. ~ Jodie B.

7. Cut out a Christmas tree from green construction paper and have each student put their finger in a different color of paint and press it on the Christmas tree and the fingerprints look like lights! Everyone gets to participate and the teacher loves it! ~ Sarah T. 

Looking for tips on how to ask parents for money to contribute to the class gift? Check out this article and sample letters. 

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