1. Have each child write down what they love most about the teacher on these printable note cards and present them to the teacher in a jar.

via Room Parent

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2. Make this adorable thank you card with each child's thumbprint.

via Paging Fun Mums! 

3. Print out this sweet thank you poem and frame it for the teacher.

via Kindergarten Works 

4. Decorate the teacher's door so it is the first thing she sees as she enters the class. 

via One Creative Mommy

5. Send this printable home with each child to complete and compile them all for the teacher.        

via The Suburban Mom 

6. This website allows you to upload each student's photo and create this adorable picture collage for the teacher.

via Minted.com 

7. Create a unique scrapbook for the teacher with notes and drawings from each student. 

via Club Chica Circle

8. Or ask each student to supply items for a supply cake! What teacher doesn't love class supplies?

via PTO Today 

9. Every teacher can use a tote bag, but a tote bag with artwork from each student in the class will be treasured for years to come.

via Babyccino Kids