8 Hilarious Reactions When You Ask Parents To Volunteer

Because when you're on the PTO, nothing scares you.

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Funny School Volunteer Appreciation Awards

Say Thanks With These Awards Just for PTO Leaders

From "The Tough Cookie" to "Budgets Like a Boss", this set of 18 customizable school volunteer awards will add a little fun to your last meeting of the year!

Teacher Appreciation

#WaterTok Hydration Station: Everything You'll Need

Hold on to those Stanleys, teachers! Here’s everything you need, from a shopping list to teacher-themed recipes and signage.

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40+ Memes About Volunteering at School (and Joining the PTO)

We rounded up the funniest memes we could find—and added a few of our own—in our new mega meme bundle.


A PTO Leader's Heartfelt Letter on What Volunteering Means

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll relate! Jenny Jackson shares her candid thoughts on what she's observed (and learned) in her time serving on the PTO.

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Fun National Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate

From Teacher Appreciation Week to National Rice Krispie Treat Day, here's the ultimate list of special days to celebrate during the 2024-2025 school year.

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How To Be an Effective PTO or PTA Volunteer Coordinator

A well-run volunteer program comes down to organization and communication.

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Volunteer Appreciation Ideas and More

Volunteer Appreciation Matters

From super-simple ideas to grander gestures, say thanks to your volunteers in ways that will make them feel good (and keep them coming back)!

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Why Volunteer Appreciation Matters

When school volunteers feel appreciated, they’re more likely to come back.

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Ideas That Work Right Now

Your parent volunteers have juggled a lot this year. From cozy socks to meal deliveries and more, we share ideas so you can thank them while staying safe.

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Rethink Your School Volunteer Recruitment

When your appeals for help aren’t getting results, it’s time to try something—or someone—new.

Get Them Involved!

16 Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for PTOs and PTAs

Get and keep more volunteers for your parent group with these approaches.

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Reach Out to Parents With a Pledge Program

PTO volunteer recruitment pledge programs make a big difference for schools, one hour at a time.

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Make School Volunteer Recruitment Easier With 2 Hour Power

2 Hour Power Pledge Program

Scratch "not enough volunteers" off your list of stressors. Our 2 Hour Power school volunteer recruitment program has all the steps and tools you need to build your base—2 hours at a time.


25 Ways To Entice New Volunteers

Tips to bring volunteers in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.


9 Ways To Make Volunteering Easier

Simple but effective ways to help more parents get involved with your group.


Why Don’t People Volunteer?

The real reasons people don’t help, and what you can do about it.

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How To Fix Volunteer Recruitment Roadblocks

The most common challenges to engaging new parents are actually fairly easy to fix.

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Volunteers: Use Them or Lose Them

The way you follow up with interested parents can make or break your volunteer recruitment efforts.

Volunteer Appreciation

12 Quick and Easy Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Express your thank to supporters with these simple volunteer appreciation gifts.

Volunteer Appreciation

Thank-You Cards for School Volunteers

Show volunteers your appreciation with one of these sassy cards.

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Put Parent Involvement First

Put Parent Involvement First: 10 Tips

Make involvement your top priority and every challenge your group faces will get a whole lot easier.

Be a Rockin' Room Parent!

Room Parent by PTO Today

We have another great resource for our community of school volunteers! Room Parent by PTO Today (formerly Homeroom Mom) has all the tips and ideas you need to be an awesome room parent.


18 Ways To Get More Parent Volunteers

Try these leader-tested, nuts-and-bolts ways to build parent involvement.


Volunteer Interest Surveys

Detailed forms for parents to fill out, marking the programs and committees for which they would like to volunteer. Some also available in Spanish.


8 Keys to Volunteer Appreciation

When it comes to thanking your volunteers, it's always worth the effort.

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Volunteer Appreciation Done Right

Don’t wait for the big annual event to say thanks. We’ve rounded up a bunch of volunteer appreciation ideas that can be used year-round.


How To Cultivate Long-Term Volunteers

With some thought and planning, you can turn occasional helpers into committed volunteers.

Volunteers & Involvement

How To Respond to Common Excuses

Try our No-Excuses Response Guide when "I'd love to, but..." is the answer you get from potential volunteers.

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9 Steps for Better School Volunteer Recruitment

Building your volunteer base starts with creating relationships. Follow these steps to success.