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Surveys, flyers, and more that have been translated for distribution to Spanish-speaking parents.

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Complete set of sample bylaws for a PTO, including the IRS-required conflict of interest policy, translated for Spanish-speaking parent groups.
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Seasonal meeting announcements in Spanish for each month of the school year.
Downloads: 21 ptotoday icon spanish icon plus icon
Customizable Spanish-language pdf to distribute to parents, with your group's information, events, and more.
Downloads: 363 spanish icon
A handout for Spanish-speaking parents with space to keep track of students' appointments and activities.
Downloads: 210 spanish icon
A fun way to explain to Spanish-speaking parents why they should get involved with your group.
Downloads: 1294 hot icon spanish icon
A handy list of questions in Spanish to share with parents to help them make the most of conference time.
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An article to share with Spanish-speaking parents that explains various grading systems used in schools today.
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An article to share with Spanish-speaking parents about why their involvement in school makes such a difference.
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Trifold pamphlet for parents, in Spanish, about why involvement matters.
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Collection Sheet for Box Tops. 30 ct. on sheet. Spanish Version.
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Follow up of the Winter 2010 Collection Sheet in Spanish.
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This is a Spanish version of the Box Tops for Education Parent Letter. It is set up for an Elementary School.
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Last available Box Top Product list in spanish from 2007. It doesn't include the newest products but still effective to promote BT to the spanish com
Downloads: 1397 hot icon spanish icon
An invitation for parents and students to visit the school and sign up for summer playdates for new Pre-K students.
Downloads: 2006 hot icon spanish icon
PTO Today form translated into Spanish
Downloads: 3139 hot icon spanish icon
Customizable outreach form to get people the info they need to contact their elected officals and tell them not to steal from the kids of california t
Downloads: 959 hot icon spanish icon
Letter to recognize parents and volunteers and share fundraising results
Downloads: 2763 hot icon spanish icon
Downloads: 2389 hot icon spanish icon
Downloads: 1676 hot icon spanish icon
Sponsor sheet for envelopes to collect jog-a-thon pledges
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