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Flyers, guidelines, and more for promoting or organizing family programs and activities not specified in another subcategory.

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Planning instructions for Bunco Family Night.
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Playing instructions to photocopy for participants.
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Score sheet to photocopy for use during the event.
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Customizable flyer to promote your family gym night.
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These are rules we set in place for our 1st annual Chili Cook Off.
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Host a family portrait night at your school. We hired a parent that owns a Portrait company. She gave back 75% of the sales!
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We used to hold this event at school but joined forces with another community activity. The results were a smash success.
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When you order your movie license, you are given access to posters. I downsize it to fit on a flier.
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We laminate these to use each year. We give each person one as they come in the door. (or so many for each family member to the parent) Everyone can have one free snack and beverage and we charge 25 cents after that.
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This is our Pasta Night flyer/ticket order form in Spanish. Can be modified for most any ticketed event.
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Grayscale flyer, works best if copied onto color paper. I used a light yellow. Included with the flyer was a short FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page detailing movie attendance, concessions and other guidelines.
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Dad's Movie Night Flyer
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This is a PowerPoint presentation for an "Are you smarter than a Xth" grader event. This presentation was made for a K through 4 elementary school event and has question categories for 1st through 4th. For the event a projector is used in conjunction with a large screen. I had parent contstants and used 5 4th graders per each contestant. Once you get to the category screen, clicking the mouse once will highlight the lowest prize value, indicating that this is the level that the contestant is at. Once the contestant selects the category the operator should click it, which will hyperlink to that question. Clicking again will hyperlink to the answer, so be careful not to click until the contstant has answered. Clicking on the answer page will take you to a return page and clicking again will take you back to the category page. At that point, assuming the contstant got the answer correct, the Operator should click on the $5 value, which will change it's color to indicate that it is done, as well as highlight the next value indicating that that is the new level. Once through the $25 level a lock graphic will be shown indicating that the contestant is assured to leave with at least that prize. As the "lifelines" are used the Operator should click on them, which will remove them from the screen. If a contestant gets through all of the questions and is ready for the $100 final question the students (classmates) are no longer used. Clicking on the $100 value will hyperlink to the final question category. At this point the contestant can decide to risk it or quit the game, taking home the $75 prize. The PowerPoint can be altered to meet any requirements for an event of this nature. Enjoy! PresidentJim
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Valentine's Family Social event flyer.
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This file is associated with the "You Pick the Flick" Movie Night in which the kids decide which movie to watch. This years winner was Underdog!
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The children are given a choice as to what movie they would like to see for Movie Night!
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