Honey Tags

Customize honey jars with these tags that say "Thank you for BEE-ing a volunteer this year!"

Thyme Plant Tags

Let your volunteers know your value their "time" by attaching a thyme plant tag that says "Thank you for all your thyme!"

Postcards of Appreciation

Everyone loves surprises in the mailbox, so why not mail your volunteers a postcard to say thanks? The cards print two to a sheet and are available in two styles.

Candle Tags

Let your volunteers know that no one holds a candle to them with a candle personalized with a gift tag.

Candy Bar Tags

Sweeten things for your volunteers with personalized, full-sized candy bars with a tag that that says "For all the ways that you help out at school, thank you."

Helping Hands Tree

Volunteers are sure to love the personal touch of this helping hands tree. Download and print the tree (trunk and limbs) and attach paper hands with messages, or have children trace their hands on paper.

Homemade Trophy

Say thanks for a job well done with a cute homemade trophy—just print our list of supplies and directions to make a charming cup-style trophy from household or party store items.

Hand Lotion Tags

Many hands make light work. Thank your helping hands with hand lotion personalized with a note that says "Thank you for being a helping hand."

Lemon Tags

Attach these tags that say "Giving thanks to someone who always makes lemonade out of lemons!" to packets of lemon candies or lemonade mix.

Mint Plant or Candies Tags

Print tags that say "You were MINT to be a homeroom mom!" (or a customized message) and attach them to a small mint plant or mint candies.

Handprint Decorations

Show your volunteers that they are the best, hands down! Ask students to help make a banner and decorations for a volunteer appreciation event using their handprints.

Originally posted in 2015 and updated regularly