Ask for help

Ask for help and thank people for what they do. Be loyal to your team. - Teresa L.


Be brave

Be brave and never look back! - Daniel B.


Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to say that you don't know the answer but will find out! - Kimberly B.


Don't overstep

Help volunteers when needed, but don't overstep or do it for them. - Shannon D.


Stay true to yourself

Stay true to yourself. Remember there are people who complain in every group, so don't take it personally!
- Brandy R.



Take it one event at a time! Breathe! You can do it! - Rachel S.


You are enough

You are enough. Don't compare yourself to previous leaders because we all bring our own strengths and weaknesses. - Erika M.


Above all...

Above all, remember why you are doing this. It's for the kids and the school. You can't go wrong if you keep them first. - Shannon W.