1. Classroom Jobs

Some volunteers work best with a set schedule and predictable tasks. Work with teachers to come up with jobs (copying, working with kids on math facts) that can be done on a straightforward schedule.

2. Take-Home Tasks

Make a list of “flex time” and at-home jobs (maintaining the website or your group’s social channels, for example) to attract people who can’t commit to being at the school regularly.

3. Occasional Opportunities

Offer periodic volunteer activities for those with limited time—without pressure of extending their commitment. Such jobs could include preparing food for teacher luncheons or setting up an event.

4. Running Errands

Before your next event, consider delegating your shopping to dos to a few volunteers instead of taking them on yourself. It’s a simple way to contribute, and it can free you up to do other things.

5. Utilizing Talents and Skills

Many parents have just the right skills to make them perfect candidates for specific types of enrichment. Chances are, your community has parents with writing, math, or other skills they’d be happy to share.

6. Simple Service

Ask someone to spearhead a simple community service effort like collecting toys or coats in boxes at school or in the community.