Spring’s here, and that means the PTO Today Live Expos are in the house! For one day only, the crew here at PTO Today and more than 60 exhibitors come to select cities to celebrate All Things PTO and PTA with groups like yours.

Grab your PTO pals and join us to share what’s worked (and what hasn’t) with other local leaders in our Idea Lounge, listen while PTO Today experts talk volunteer recruitment and parent involvement, and ask away during our Q&A (hey, chances are if you’re thinking it, someone else is, too). Plus, check out fundraising vendors and Arts & Enrichment acts, and maybe even pet a live reptile or show off your dribbling skills.

Oh, and we’re not even done—there’s also all the fun freebies you’ll get. And because we want you to be able to snag as much swag as you can in just a few hours, we’ll have a free tote bag waiting for you at check-in to stuff silly as you stroll the hall. Here are just a few of the hot items you’ll want to get your hands on.

1. PTO Today swag bag

Exactly how much free stuff fits in that big ol’ tote bag, anyway? Well, we’re only half kidding when we say you’re going to need a bag to carry your bag—especially if you win that Canon wireless printer, candle gift set, or the 24 packs of crayons and electric sharpener. Just get ready to fill ’er up. Some PTO peeps have been known to prepare for the event by bringing their own pushcart—this is serious business, after all.


2. T-shirt that totally nails #ptolife

It’s true—changing the world always needs volunteers! That’s why you do what you do as a PTO leader, so go on and wear it proudly for the world to see. Don it at the show, wear it to your next PTO meeting, give it away at a school family event, or use it as a “get-along” shirt the next time your kids start bickering while you’re trying to sort box tops (kidding—sort of).


3. Spirit Sticks

You might find that deciding which Spirit Stick you love most is probably the biggest dilemma you’ll face all day. Good thing our friends at the Spirit Monkey booth don’t mind if you grab a handful. The “Super Mom” ones go fast, so get there early.


4. Unlimited pizza

Why bother bringing a lunch when you can dine in at the pizza fundraising booth for free? Go on, have that fifth slice for the sake of your school—and it’s totally OK that it’s only 10 a.m. We don’t judge.


5. Chocolatey goodness

When the munchies strike, we’ll let you decide how much World’s Finest Chocolate is socially acceptable to sample. Don’t worry about hiding your face as you grab a handful on your third lap around the hall.


6. Pens with crazy hair

Is it just us, or do these pens oddly resemble die-hard volunteers on crazy hair day? We’ve found that smoothing the hair between your fingers can relieve stress, too, so these pens are totally dual-purpose.


7. Warm cookies

Need we say more? Because really, if you’re going to do a cookie fundraiser, someone has to test the goods first. Boy, this PTO gig can be tough sometimes.


8. “Volunteer” lanyard

Bedazzle your whole crew with our colorful “Volunteer” lanyards, which conveniently hold a name tag, keys, or a whistle (perfect for field day). Plus, the bonus “I am appreciated” Spirit Stick provides a little pick-me-up when you need it most.


9. Yankee Candle car fresheners

We’re just waiting for them to come out with scents like “Fun Run,” “Cookie Fundraiser,” “Clipped Box Tops,” “Doughnuts With Dad,” and “Family Movie Night Popcorn.” This’ll come in particularly handy if you took a road trip to the Expos like our friends below did.


10. So many more freebies

From edible sand art to bedazzled pet collars, you’ll find more PTO swag than you could dream of. With an average of 60 different fundraising and A&E exhibitors at every PTO Today Live Expo location, you might want to consider road-tripping to every single show. A PTO leader can dream, right?


What are you waiting for? Register for a PTO Today Live Expo near you—then save the date, round up your crew, clear out your trunk (you’re going to need that space!), and get ready to learn, dish, and celebrate everything that is #ptolife. We hope to see you there!

Exhibitors and sample giveaways vary by location.