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24-Hour Science Experiment From Microban 24
Microban 24


What Youʼll Get With the Microban 24 24-hour Science Experiment

Video “Day in the Life” lab tour
Many field trips are being canceled this fall, so bring the field trip to students virtually. Join a Microban 24 scientist as she takes students through a tour of her lab. Students can learn about the materials and equipment she uses on a daily basis.

Age-based, hands-on experiments you can do at home or in school
Three fun experiments designed for kids ages 5 to 13-plus use easy-to-find and inexpensive household items like sandwich baggies, a piece of bread, and toothpicks to create a lab experience where the kids wear the lab coats. Your scientists will grow bacteria on bread, make their own petri dish, or extract DNA from microbes!

Step-by-step instructional materials
Each experiment contains an instructional companion video, experiment guide with a supply list, and step-by-step instructions for how to conduct the experiment.

Science worksheets
Kids of all age levels can get in on the fun with these educational games and worksheets that challenge their science vocabulary and knowledge. The activities include coloring pages, memory games, and word puzzles!


Tour the Microban 24 lab

Download the experiment appropriate for your child or students

For ages 5-9. Young scientists will grow bacteria using just a piece of bread, a potato, or cooked noodles. Also included: fun bacteria coloring sheets and cutouts!

Download Bacteria Growth Experiment

For ages 10-12. With a shallow bowl, gelatin, some stock or a bouillon cube, and cotton swabs, kids can watch how bacteria grows. Also included: a word search and memory game to put their knowledge to the test.

Download Petri Dish Experiment

For ages 13-plus. Budding microbiologists will collect a string of DNA from a concoction of mashed-up fruit, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and a few household items. Also included: a word puzzle and memory game to challenge their science expertise.

Download DNA Experiment

Or, get all three experiments at once!

24-Hour Science Experiment From Microban 24
Download All Experiments


Q&A with the experts

Q&A With the Experts


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