1. Use Social Media

More than ever, parent groups are using social media to keep their groups up to speed. Beyond meetings and reminders, Facebook allows users to build community, encourage participation—and have fun.

2. Update Your Website

“I’ll get to it” can be a common intention when it comes to website maintenance. But don’t allow large chunks of time to pass when no one updates your site—it’s important to keep it fresh.

3. Take Advantage of Apps

There are lots of free apps that can help your group communicate more effectively. Some examples include AIM, an instant-messaging app, and Droplr, a file-sharing app. (For a web-based solution, try SimplyCircle, which offers event calendars, communication tools, and more for parent groups.)

4. Mind Your Emails

It’s important to be aware of some best email practices, like being mindful of your tone, respecting confidentiality, and avoiding controversy. (To make sending your emails easier, use PTO Today's Parent Express Email, a free tool that simplifies creating emails and managing email addresses.)

5. Add Some Polish

Is there anyone in your group with writing, editing, or design skills? Enlist their help with your website, emails, and flyers. Adding a professional touch will enhance your message.

6. Get Personal

Technology is great, but so is a human touch. Look for ways beyond meetings to get members talking and sharing information. Some ideas include coffee mornings, walking groups, and adults-only nights out.

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