9 Ways To Spot a Micromanager

Do you find yourself giving all the reports, working at every function, and fielding all the questions about your parent group? You just might be a micromanager.

by Christy Forhan


You Might Be a Micromanager If:

1. People describe you as a one-man band who does things single-handedly. These aren’t necessarily compliments when you want to develop new members.

2. You attend committee meetings even though, technically, you’re not a member of the committee.

3. You tend to give all the committee reports at your PTO’s general membership meetings.

4. You feel compelled to work at every function.

5. There’s no need for a printed phone list because everyone knows to call you for any PTO issue.

6. Formerly reliable volunteers give you excuses for no longer being involved.

7. Most of the PTO reimbursement checks are written to you.

8. You think you might have overheard someone whisper the words “control freak” in your direction.

9. You yourself say things like “It’s too much trouble to find someone else to do this,” “It’s such an easy job; I’ll take care of it,” or “This is how you’re going to do it....”

For more about micromanagers, read Change Your Micromanaging Ways.

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