PTOs that communicate well, even those that tend to overcommunicate, have far more success than those that do not.But one mistake I see groups making is trying to communicate on five different platforms, but doing none of them very effectively. For example, they have Facebook, Twitter, an app, a calendar tool, and of course email—but each of those is only ho-hum.

My tip this week: Pick two communication tools and commit to making those two great. Make these your primary sources that you update regularly.

I'd highly suggest that one of those still be email. Email is the universal "everyone has it" tool that equates to the printed newsletter of 10-plus years ago. Our free Parent Express Email tool makes creating and sending emails really simple. 

After that, you have tons to choose from. There are more and more cool communication apps—check out SchoolInfoApp.com. Groups are making great use of Facebook. Some groups commit to regularly updating a section of the school website. Lots of options, but they are only effective if you use them frequently and well, and it’s very tough to do that if you engage on too many platforms.

It’s OK to have multiple channels for getting the word out. Just make sure there are a couple that you’re being really proactive with.

We have lots of other resources to help your group communicate more effectively.

Good luck!