It wasn’t long ago that PTO and PTA leaders kept in touch with parents mainly through newsletters and flyers. Now many groups have added email, websites, and social media to the mix. You don’t have to be a pro to get your point across; whichever communications tools you use, the best way to reach parents is to keep your message simple.

We've compiled specific guidelines to help your parent group get the most out of its communications:


Communications Checklist

Some best practices just make good sense no matter what medium you choose. Use this checklist anytime you're getting ready to reach out to parents.

  1. Before you print or hit send, make sure all the key information is listed and is most prominent.

  2. Verify that the dates, times, and locations of all gatherings are correct.

  3. If you update an existing document, make sure to replace all the old information with new information.

  4. Run a spell checker, and always double-check the spelling of all names.

  5. Ask someone else to look over the document. They may see errors or problems you don’t.