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Online Communication Tips

Online Communication Tips

More and more parents are looking for information on websites or through social networking. Here's how to help them find what they need from your PTO or PTA.


The Basics

Does our parent group really need to be online?
If the school has a website, the PTO needs an online presence, too. At the very least, you should describe what the parent group does and provide contact information for officers.

What options do we have?
First, think about whether you want to add a page to the school's site or create your own. Making your own website is much easier than it was just a few years ago. Many PTOs build blogs with free services like WordPress or Blogger. Another option is to create a Facebook page or Twitter feed to keep parents in the loop.


Not sure what to put on the site? If you think the information will be helpful to parents, post it. Most parent group websites have the group's calendar, officer contact information, and newsletters. Some also post meeting agendas and minutes.

A website is a great place to thank volunteers and businesses that support the PTO. When you acknowledge a business on your site, send them an email with a link so they can view it.

Ask a few volunteers to take digital photos at PTO events and post them on the site. (Be sure to check your school's policy first about publishing photos of students.)


Keep it simple. Avoid the temptation to cram your site with flashing headlines and animation. Clean websites look the best, and they are the simplest to use.

Make sure the site is easy to read. Choose contrasting text and background colors. It's easiest to read a white or light-color background with black text.

Social Media

  • If parents are on Facebook, think about creating a Facebook fan page for your parent group. You can post schedules, share videos and photos from events, remind parents about upcoming events, and post questions for discussion. Parents who become fans can be notified each time you add to the page.

  • Because Twitter updates are limited to 140 characters, it works best for sending reminders about upcoming events or deadlines. Some PTOs also use Twitter to send informal updates after meetings or share links to helpful information on school websites.


# linda 2009-10-30 16:31
I m a president of our pto i have a question to ask if we have a teachers wishlist that whatever a teacher needs in her or his classroom or whatever is needed and is paid by the pto does a administrator have to give the okay on it or has any!!! say so in it?? is it state issued that they have the right to say yes or no that a teacher can get something they need to better the children?? please get back to me!

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