20 Pre-packaged Winter Holiday Class Party Snacks

If your school has a "no homemade treats / store-bought snacks only" rule in place for class parties, we've got you covered with these 20 oh-snow-cute winter holiday class party snacks.


1. Reindeer Pudding Cups

via Mama Management 

2. Snowman Yogurts

via A Little Learning For Two 

3. Santas Belly Juice Boxes

via The Podunk Librarian 

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4. Snowman Juice Pouches

via A Frugal Friend

5. Rudolph Applesauce Cups           


via The NY Melrose Family 

6. Reindeer Clementines

via Hello Splendid 

7. Reindeer Cereal Bars 

via Rock Paper Cricut

8. String Cheese Snowmen

via TeacherLists

9. Reindeer Water Bottles

via Selections by Sisters 

10. Snowball Donut Holes

via Parties and Holidays 

11. Grinch Snack Bags

via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 

12. Santa’s Belly Fruit Cups 

via Mil Dicas de Mae 

13. Reindeer Tootsie Pops

via Thrify Fun  

14. Grinch Fruit Cups 

via The Keeper of the Cheerios 

15. Jolly Ol' Juice Boxes

via Pearls and Pirates 

16. Santa’s Belly Cheese Rounds 

via Cute Food for Kids 

17. Charlie Brown Christmas Pudding Cups

via Mess for Less 

18. Popcorn Snowmen Cups

via A Healthy Slice of Life 

19. Santa Suit Chocolate Bar Wrappers

via Kerry's Paper Crafts

20. Santa Pudding Cups 

via Keeping It Simple