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Does anyone have directions on how to conduct experiments for Science night? Building bridges exploring...
Asked by leegarcia in Events, Programs, & Activities

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Co Vice President
I will be the new PTO President as of Jan. 1st and would like to have Co-Vice Presidents? If my bylaws...
Asked by Anonymous in Officers & Board

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I just completed the 1023-EZ form eligibility form and it looks like PTO groups qualify to fill out the...
Asked by amysrepp in Nonprofit Status & Organization

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Fundraising Percentages
We are looking at different fundraising options. If we sell a product, we keep X% of sales and the Fundraising...
Asked by Anonymous in Fundraising

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Do I need a receipt for items I donate for a fundraiser. Example : i donate muffins to a breakfast fundraiser
Asked by Anonymous in Finance & Budget

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budget management
New and past treasurer wrote large check to the Principal without board members being informed. How to...
Asked by Anonymous in Finance & Budget

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April of this year there was vendor at the PTO EXPO in Novi Michigan, that offered a quiz show thing...
Asked by yogi25j in Events, Programs, & Activities

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Managing funds from other schoolm groups
Our PTO is expected to manage funds from other school organizations (ie. library fund, 6th grade annual...
Asked by Anonymous in Finance & Budget

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Contentious relationships on PTC Board
WE are a small private, catholic school. Members of Parent Teacher Council Board are overworked and...
Asked by Anonymous in Events, Programs, & Activities

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Tax Id Number
Okay, lots of questions coming your way! We are a very small PTO. We will probably not bring in more...
Asked by Anonymous in Nonprofit Status & Organization