• Resources

    Auction Toolkit

    A complete how-to guide, from selecting a site to securing donations to suggested bids, plus tips for volunteer recruitment, maximizing profit, and more.

  • Auction Items

    Auction Gold: Student Art Projects

    Keepsakes created by students make extremely popular auction items, as one New York school learned firsthand.

  • Auctions

    112 Auction Items

    Downloadable sheet with lots of ideas for baskets, student-made handicrafts, donations from teachers, hints for donations from local businesses, and more.

  • PTO Today Article

    Auction "Pros" Raise Big Dollars

    An online auction and gala evening netted more than $250,000 for this elementary school PTA.

  • PTO Today Article

    Auctions: Make Them Fun and Festive

    Tips for success, frequently asked questions, and top ways to increase profits for your next school auction event.

  • Auctions

    Finding Donations for Your Auction

    The success of your auction depends on the quality of your items. Here's how to find, and ask for, great items at all price points.

  • PTO Today Article

    20 Ideas for Theme Baskets

    Take a creative approach to your next basket raffle or silent auction.

  • PTO Today Article

    Auction Action Plan

    Secrets the pros use to turn even small auctions into highly profitable big-dollar fundraisers.

  • PTO Today Article

    Auction Planning FAQs

    Answers to key questions about organizing and running a successful school auction.

  • PTO Today Article

    9 Keys to Auction Success

    Whether it's small or large, these basic steps will make your auction a hit from start to finish.