Startup Toolkit

PTO Startup Toolkit

Our comprehensive startup guide walks you through all the essential steps you need to take to make your group a successful independent entity! The PTO Startup Toolkit includes information on how to get organized, incorporating your group, applying for nonprofit status, writing bylaws (and sample bylaws), and filing for tax-exempt status with the IRS, including a step-by-step guide to completing IRS Form 1023-EZ.

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Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Getting Organized and Obtaining an EIN
A Note About Switching From PTA to PTO
Getting Your EIN
Using the Online EIN Assistant

Section 3: Incorporation: Becoming a Legal Entity
Incorporating, Step by Step
What Are Articles of Incorporation?

Section 4: Your Bylaws
Bylaws, Step by Step
Final Steps

Section 5: Applying for Tax-Exempt Status Using
IRS Form 1023-EZ

Why Become an Official 501(c)(3) Organization?
How Can Your Group Become Official?
Form 1023-EZ, Line by Line

Section 6: Financial First Steps
Opening a Bank Account
Keeping the Books
Obtaining Licenses and Permits

Section 7: Great Work by Great Groups

Appendix A: Are You Covered?
Do We Really Need Insurance?
Which Policies Should We Purchase?
The PTO Today Plus Advantage

Appendix B: Applying for Tax-Exempt Status Using
IRS Form 1023

Form 1023, Line by Line
Schedules (Additional Forms)
Form 1023 Checklist

Also included:

  • Incorporation: Key Questions
  • Sample Articles of Incorporation
  • Sample Bylaws
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Form 1023-EZ Eligibility Worksheet
  • IRS Form 1023-EZ Completed Sample
  • IRS Form 1023 Completed Sample
  • Form 1023 Statement of Revenues and Expenses
  • Form 1023 Supporting Attachments Checklist
  • IRS “Top 10 Reasons for Delays in Processing Form 1023”

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