Teacher Appreciation

  • Teacher Appreciation

    5-Step Teacher Appreciation Plan

    Whatever activities you do for teacher appreciation, follow these steps to show teachers and other staff members just how much they are valued.

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    The Candy Poem

    A favorite for teacher appreciation time.

  • Teacher Appreciation

    50 Ways To Thank Your Teachers

    No teacher gift yet? No stress. We have you covered with our collection of 50 great ideas.

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    Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags

    Need an idea for a Teacher Appreciation gift? Print one of our gift tags for quick inspiration.

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    Quick and Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

    Need a last-minute way to say thanks? We have you covered with our slideshow of sweet and simple ideas.

  • Teacher Appreciation

    It's Hard To Go Wrong With Teacher Appreciation

    There isn’t a teacher appreciation rule book. But if your efforts are sincere and from the heart, your teachers will know it.

  • Teacher Appreciation

    Teacher Appreciation: 9 Ways To Celebrate

    Show your school's teachers some love with these parent-group-tested appreciation ideas.

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    9 Secrets That Keep Teachers Happy

    Following these simple steps can go a long way toward making your parent group more teacher-friendly.

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    What Teachers Love About PTOs

    Knowing what matters most to teachers can help parent groups target their efforts more effectively.

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    What Teachers Don't Love About PTOs

    Despite the best of intentions, some of the things parent groups do can drive teachers crazy.

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    Rebuilding Relations With Teachers

    One parent group regained the trust of teachers by responding to their needs and keeping them informed.

  • Teacher Appreciation

    Creative Twists on Teacher Appreciation

    Some fresh, low-cost takes on how to show your teachers that you care.