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If it's a tie vote and ? regarding Roberts Rules

16 years 1 month ago #55600 by Dottie
We have 4 officers and alot of the times it's only the officers who show up for the meetings. If we have a tie vote who breaks the tie?
Also do you have to put in your bylaws stating that you go by the Robert Rule Book of Order? Or is just something that you go by?
We have a meeting coming up and I allready know that we are split on a vote that is coming up.I appreciate your help on this matter
16 years 1 month ago #55601 by ILPTO
I'm no expert but I think the president shouldn't vote, unless it's to break a tie. Our bylaws state that robert's rules is our guide. We try to follow the rules, but sometimes forget. it's good to know though that when there's a controversy we know where to go to solve it.
16 years 1 month ago #55602 by ILPTO
In the Robert's Rules book that I have it say's the President should stay neutral on all voting issues and should not vote unless it is to break a tie. If the President wants not to stay neutral on an issue they need to "step down" as President for the discussion and hand the reigns to the VP. We have in the past had our Principal break ties. Basically how the book is worded is that as the President you are their to ensure each side has their say and that a fair a proper vote takes place.
16 years 1 month ago #55603 by ILPTO
Yes, that's in our by-laws, it says we follow robert's Rules. We also use the pres. to break ties when they occur.
16 years 1 month ago #55604 by Pres88
The Principal is the 5th member of our board so we usually do not have ties. As far as voting on things, the board is limited to what they can approve. Many things must go to the open meetings and a minimum of 6 or 7 are needed to pass an item.
16 years 1 month ago #55605 by Nancy
In our bylaws, it states that three out of the four officers (pres, vp, sec, treas) must agree for something to pass the Board. This eliminates the possiblity of a tie.
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