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Middle School Carnival Ideas (5th & 6th grade)

15 years 6 months ago #91963 by Aabkptc
Please help! Our middle school is hoping to put on a carnival this fall. Our elementary buildings do this in the spring and they have games in each classroom but we want our games to be directed for these older children (and some for younger). Please share your ideas that your middle school uses in their carnivals. Thank you
9 years 7 months ago #133700 by jckeys
Our school hosts an annual carnival that combines elementary and middle schools. Some of the favorites of the middle school kids are the dunk tank, football throw, and balloon dart game. We usually have a principal or a well known parent in the dunk booth!
One year we had a contest amongst the kids and the winning class got to throw pies in a teacher's face. The teacher of course had to agree!! The middle school kids LOVED this!! You could have any kind of contest--most cakes or pop bottles brought in for the carnival, most tickets sold, etc.
9 years 7 months ago #133754 by pzettler
Dance $3.00 (Open only to middle school students and those supervising the dance)

All other events open to other family members and students.

Ticket sales so everyone doesn't have to handle money, exception Snacks/Drinks

Hair coloring
Balloon dartboard
Face Painting
Corn Hole Toss
Bingo (not very popular)
Cake Walk
Basketball Shoot (Minature for indoors)
Jail (3 tickets in 1 ticket out, or maximum time)
Knock the stack of cans over with a Ball
Fall Photos (Make sure you take a few picture before hand to make sure the camera works good)
Water Gun duel, two people shoot their two lightweight objects to knock it off of another.

Have really cheap prizes to all events. Everybody that plays wins
9 years 7 months ago #133763 by PresidentJim
We have a very well known and liked custodian. I always thought it would be great to have him providing hay rides with his tractor. You know, "Hay rides with Tony"!. The kids would love that!!!

You can also see if the town police would be willing to donate the use of one of their radar signs, the ones that indicate your speed when you drive by it. You could then set up a fastest pitch booth. Maybe make it so that the kids earn a small prize if they throw faster than 40 mph and a large prize for over 50 mph. The adults could earn a small prize for over 60 mph and a large prize for over 70mph or something.

Also how about pumkin painting?

Let us know how things work out,
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