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    More Fundraising Resources

    Get more expert advice and ideas to fine-tune your school fundraisers or find a new one that works for your PTO and your school.

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    Catalog Sales: Profitable, Easy To Run

    Tips for success, dos and don'ts, and easy ways to increase profits for your next catalog fundraiser.

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    Dog Social Brings Community Together

    A PTO in Iowa builds a successful community event around canines and benefits local animal shelters.

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    Stage a Successful Talent Show

    Stories of talent shows that sparkled, and tips for holding a great one at your school.

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    What Kids Learn From Fundraising

    Product fundraisers often help pay for enrichment opportunities at school, but students who are involved in sales can also benefit from more direct lessons.

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    Finding and Winning Grants

    Parent groups can and do get grants. Just follow a few simple rules to put together a winning application.