Leader's Toolkit

PTO Leader's Toolkit

A guide specially written for officers and committee chairs. Whether you're new to the job or a veteran, the Leader's Toolkit will give you the information you need to hit the ground running and pick up some new tools and skills along the way.

Topics in this toolkit include getting organized, getting your group focused, running a successful committee, communicating with parents and other leaders, finding your leadership style, and more, plus a monthly planning guide, teacher and volunteer surveys, and many other tools.

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Section 1: Getting Started
You're In Charge! Now What?
Organization and Recordkeeping
Planning for the Year Ahead
"Welcome Back" Packet
Month-by-Month Guide
Special Note for Coleaders

Section 2: Committee Leadership
Basic Committee Management
Engaging Volunteers

Section 3: Working With Others
Building Involvement and Finding Volunteers
A Strong Executive Board
Working With Your School Community
The Principal, Teachers, and Support Staff
Dealing With Difficult Situations

Section 4: Leading the PTO
Your Personal Leadership Style
PTO Culture
Fundraising Philosophy

Section 5: Running the PTO Business
Bylaws and Policies
Meeting Management and Robert's Rules
Annual Audit
Internal Revenue Service and Record-Retention Rules
Nominations, Elections, and Voting

Also included:

  • Sample Budget and Bylaws
  • Committee Chair Year-End Report
  • Committee Orientation PowerPoint
  • Event Effectiveness Evaluation Checklist
  • Financial Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Meeting Agenda and Minutes Outlines
  • Sample Mission Statements
  • Performance to Budget Sample Report
  • Robert's Rules for Leaders—Top 10 Things You Should Know
  • Teacher and Volunteer Surveys
  • Welcome Packet Outline


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