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9 years 7 months ago #133222 by almaz
We recently lost our superintendent. He was the one to administer an oath of office to our incoming PTO officers, very much like a presidential oath. Tried to find one online without much luck. Anyone have a copy of an oath we can use for our next meeting in 3 days. HELP.
9 years 7 months ago #133263 by mommytlc
Did he pass away or move away? If he passed away, I offer my condolences.

I never thought of having officers sworn in before. That's a great idea. Good luck to you.
9 years 7 months ago #133273 by RobinD
Ok.. I am no help.. But I can offer humor.. If you are in your 40's.. you will get this..

How about : " I, state your name"..... " I state your name, do hereby pledge allegiance to the frat, with liberty and fraternity for all. amen"

:) what's this from ?
9 years 7 months ago #133297 by JHB
We don't have an oath of office, so I was hoping someone else would help you. However, via a Google search, here are some samples from other organizations. If no one comes through with a parent group version, maybe you can adapt one of these:

Airforce Association


Institute of Transportation

9 years 7 months ago #133301 by GaWahineS
Here are a few fun installation ceremonies that I have been involved with over the years . . .

Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. Singlehandedly the enthusiast convinces and dominates where a small army of workers would scarcely raise a tremor or interest. Enthusiasm tramples over prejudice and opposition, spurns inaction, storms the citadel of its object, and like an avalanche overwhelms and engulfs obstacles. Enthusiasm storms mountainous barriers and achieves the unheard of and the miraculous. Set the germ of enthusiasm afloat; carry it in your attitude and manner; it spreads like a contagion; it begets and inspires effects you did not dream possible.

Today we have a “baking installation”, our symbolism deriving from the things we use in our kitchens. I would like to start by giving you a recipe for making a good PTO. First, choose a goodly number of parents and teachers with a genuine love of young people. Add a pinch of the salt of the earth, season well with common sense, and moisten with the milk of human kindness. Mix in a generous quantity of humor. Be sure to avoid adding sour grapes, as they might curdle the whole mixture. Stir all together with interesting programs, well flavored with variety, which is the spice of life. Bring all to the boiling point of enthusiasm with clever publicity… and your organization will bring a glow to the entire community.

Will the elected officers please come forward as I call your names and stand in the order called:
PRESIDENT: To you________, as the president we give this bowl and mixing spoon. As the PTO has expressed their faith in your ability as an executive, it is your duty to administer impartially and impersonally the affairs of the association, to know the policy and programs and to coordinate the activities of the _________ PTO, so that our goals may be promoted.
PRESIDENT-ELECT: To you, __________, we give this angel pan because you are an angel to stand by your president, being ready at all times to assist her and to take her place if necessary. So familiarize yourself with all her duties.
ADMINISTRATIVE VICE-PRESIDENT: To you, ________, we give this measuring cup, as it is your duty to keep the right measure of cooperation between the school and PTO.
SECRETARY: To you, ________, we give this cookie sheet molds, as variety as added to a baking venture, so may you add variety and color to this association with an accurate record of all its meetings, to be kept for all time.
TREASURER: To you, _________, we give this rolling pin with which you may stretch the “dough” of this PTO within the budget and with the approval of our PTO.
To you, THE MEMBERS: We give the duty of attending the meetings and helping make our venture a success by backing these officers you have elected.
I now declare you duly installed officers of the _________ PTO for the year ____ to _____.

Installing Officer (To Assembly): The PTA movement unites parents, teachers, and other citizens of each community in an organization that has for its sole purpose the welfare of society’s greatest asset—its children. And so in forming this team for your organization the first consideration is for the needs and then the results of constructive cooperation. The batting average of the team members is baseball language. We know that—with the cooperation of the team members in the grandstand—all will be well.
First there is spring training, through conventions, district conferences, council meetings, and courses in leadership. Then the first game the actual working of the team together. Good sportsmanship, fair play, team work—those are the qualities that lead to a winning score. Definite rules are provided while on the field. These are given in our Objects and policies, to guide us on to victory, and they guided us over all these years. Will you please rise now, while I read the Objects aloud. (All rise while the Objects are read, then are seated.) Will the team gather for a period of instruction, and as I call your names please come forward.
AUDITOR: _________, your position on the team will be CATCHER, for it is up to you to catch the mistakes in the financial division of the team. At all times be alert.
PRESIDENT: ________, your position on the team will be that of PITCHER, for it is up to you to to determine how the game is played. The balls or commands as they are thrown can win or lose for your team; so practice and patience are both needed.
PRESIDENT-ELECT: ________, you are the BASEMAN. For, as the other officers or teammates are going about their work, it is up to you to assist them. Should the pitcher need assistance, be ever ready to step in with willing help.
SECRETARY: ________, LEFT FIELD is your spot. For this game you not only do your part on the team but also record the plays, so that they can be read back and studied. You must keep a record of each game so that new players can benefit by your scores.
TREASURER: ________, your place is in the RIGHT FIELD. True, it is far from the catcher, but be sure that his watchful eye is ever on you He will help you to guard your position so that your team can come out on top with the correct score financially.
HISTORIAN: ________, CENTER FIELD is your location, for from that position no play can escape you. You, too, will keep a record of the plays and the games as your organization goes through a season, with flying colors These records are especially important, The new team formed here on the field of _______school planning for another successful season.
PARLIAMENTARIAN: ________, you are the UMPIRE of this team. It is up to you to lay down the law justly, to rule on the actions of the games, to guide the players on the right path—for the welfare of all children.
PRINCIPAL: Now, there is another man on the field, the BASE UMPIRE. Perhaps that spot should be filled by you, ________, our principal. Won’t you join our team? From your position in the field you are capable of evaluating the plays to the best advantage of the team and for the benefit of the children in your care. Your advice and encouragement will be needed at all times and, from your store of wisdom and experience, we feel sure that we shall learn much.
ASSEMBLY: There are still other members of all teams—the MEN ON THE BENCH. These are the officers who have already served. To them our thanks and appreciation.
To the officers: I now declare you duly installed officers in the ___________ PTA.

The Installation of PTO officers is always significant because these people have accepted the responsible positions in your PTO and will devote themselves to promoting the welfare of children in your school. In grateful recognition of their willingness to serve, I ask that the newly elected officers of _____________PTO join me now.
While this is an important ceremony, it need not be a solemn occasion. I have a gift for each officer as I install them that I believe will have a special meaning:
Historian: (Almond Joy Bar) to you comes the joy of preserving this year’s achievements and accomplishments.
Parliamentarian: (Life Savers) as parliamentarian, you can be a life saver when questions arise about proper procedures.
Correspondence Secretary: (Bit of Honey) in all communication you will bring good will and a bit of sweetness.
Recording Secretary: (Whatchamacallit) your duty to keep accurate records of the PTO business will keep you busy, but if you’re careful with taking minutes you won’t have to get home after a meeting and think, “Now, whatchamacallit made a motion!”
Treasurer: (100,000.00 Bar) as custodian of the funds of this organization, you will be responsible for all the money, this will see that there will always be a balance.
Vice President: (Nestle’s Crunch) as vice-president, you will offer support assistance to the president, and in a crunch may be called on to preside at a meeting.
President: (Hershey’s Bar this has long been recognized as the leader of candy bars, just as you will be looked to by the PTO members for leadership this year… !
To principal: I ask that the principal join us now representing his office and the entire faculty. It is appropriate that you join us to signify the cooperation necessary between the PTO leadership and the school. It requires the principal, teachers, parents and community all working together to create an atmosphere that will provide quality education for all children. Please accept these “candy kisses” from the PTO membership for you and the faculty to share.
In accepting these positions of responsibility, will each of you fulfill the duties of your office to the best of your ability? If so, answer “I will”.
You have heard the pledge of these officers as your PTO leaders. As members, do you likewise pledge to them your loyalty and support? If so answer “I will”.
May this opportunity for service unite the forces of home, school and community and bring to all of you the joy found in working together for a common purpose: to promote the well-being of all children.
I now declare you duly installed officers of the ______PTO
9 years 7 months ago #133499 by my3strongtikes
We just had ours last night. Not sure if this is too late. Our superintendent does the same thing. We have a big dinner at a restaurant. All the present and incoming officers are invited along with any staff. After the dinner all the officers stand up together and we take our oath. This is done each year.

He basically says:
Will you act in accordance to the PTO bylaws and keep the education and well being of our school students in sound mind when making your decisions.

All officers answer: I will

The superintendent usually thanks the present officers for their work they have done and the new officers he says he looks forward to working with them BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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