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12 years 10 months ago #64855 by momwith3girls
How many of you have teachers on your executive board? We just finalized our Bylaws and it does not state that teachers cannot hold office. However our Principal does not want her teachers to serve in elected positions.

Anyone else with a similar situation?

12 years 10 months ago #64856 by venzmama
We do not have teachers on our executive board, but just because they have never put their name on the ballot. We do have teacher reps from each level (Elem, MS, HS) who attend our monthly meetings and are our contacts with the rest of the teachers. We just started these positions this year and they have been great! :cool:
12 years 10 months ago #64857 by Michelle B
I discourage teachers from serving as one of the main board members but instead like Venzmama does, have teacher reps on the executive board. The reason behind this is a few things. First, the board positions are elected and there are term limits. Unlike the parents who will be moving on as their children get older, teachers stay. Second, in terms of day to day procedures especially in terms of budget shortfalls and the PTA/PTO filling the gaps, it could be said that there could be conflicts of interest. (also teacher appreciation, teachers who get monetary assistance from the units etc) In other words, many times your board is doing for them. Third, officers need to attend the meetings. This can be hard for teachers who do not live nearby, don't have children of their own at the school or just want to leave work when the work day is done.
Those are just a few of the reasons but of course, I have some terrific units that are operated by teachers and staff because no parents will do it. I have others with teachers on the board who are there only in name and only participate when it concerns what they need. (Affects quorum) Ideally though, your main officers should be parents and have the teachers hold positions on the executive board as Teacher (Grade) representatives.

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12 years 10 months ago #64858 by momwithboys
We have both a teacher and a para-professinal representative on our board. Before we added them as official positions three years ago, it seemed like we were spending a lot of time smoothing ruffeled feathers because someone misunderstood somehting that was said or wasn't communicated clearly. Both of these individual bring termendous insight into discussions from a staff perspective and we appreciate and value their participation. Our PTA works so much better as a team this way. Our bi-laws prohibit any school district employee from holding the position of president or vice president. This really makes good sense because, even though we have a great working relationship with our principal now, you wouldn't want to put a staff member in the position of going head to head with their boss over an issue. Currently our board secretary is a parent but also a para-pro in one of our special education classrooms. This her second year as secretary and we haven't had any problems. Our board members also have a three year term limit. :D
12 years 10 months ago #64859 by kmamom
We just dealt with this issue at our nomination committee meeting! Someone who is a substitute teacher was mentioned to run for Pres or one of the VPs (she has two kids in the school), and it was decided that the possibility of conflict of interest was too great. Besides the possibility of her being afraid to go toe to toe with her bosses if she ever had to, we also were afraid that if she made a decision that the other teachers wouldn't approve of, they could really make her life miserable.
12 years 10 months ago #64860 by JHB
We have a large Exec Board comprised of the elected officers, principal, vice principal, two teacher reps, parent rep from each grade, and all the committee chairs. (Note this size/breadth is intentional as all business decisions are made by this group with only 2 general meetings a year.)

Typically, teachers do not get involved in our board unless they are the teacher reps or are also parents. Our bylaws prohibit any employee of the school or any management level employee of the district from being an ELECTED officer, but that's only 5 of the 25+ seats. If a teacher wanted to chair a committee (and would then also be on our board), they could.
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