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raffle basket ideas

6 years 9 months ago #153176 by Kerri Engbebreacht
We are trying to come up with some creative ideas for out basket raffle that is part of our auction in spring. We ask each grade level to donate for a basket about a certain theme. I have seen lists of themes -- wondering what other groups have acutally done and have gone over well -- both to find things to fill it with and to get people excited about buying raffle tickets for.
6 years 9 months ago #153197 by Patty
I too have seen the list and work off of them. We do not ask the classroom to donate we ask the parents to come up with a theme that works for them - idea and money wise. We also ask our teachers to donate a themed basket. We have 10 teachers and usually 2 or 3 will get together and come up with something. We also ask for any new, unused items that people have around their homes and incorporate them into a "themed" basket which we will add to if necessary. Somebody has a new hairdryer or curling iron we may buy brushes, shampoo, gel etc at the dollar store. We even ask for people to donate any baskets they have around the house. The donated individual items can cut down on your expenses. Even single bottles of liquoir donated by individuals can create a nice basket of cheer. Don't limit yourself to a "basket". Any container can lead to an idea. A large popcorn bucket, available at the dollar store will do. Add a couple 2 liter bottles of sode, microwave popcorn, some candy and maybe a gift card from Blockbuster creates a great "basket". A cheap laundry basket filled with cleaning products creates a great basket. One of our biggest expenses has always been the wrap for the baskets. Most of our parents have no problem donating but, like myself, are not creative when it comes to the presentation. We tell people you donte it we will wrap it. After spedning toooo much money on small rolls of the cellophane wrap we finally invested money (about $150.00) on the larger rolls that florists use. This roll has lasted for 3 Penny Parties at an average cost of $50.00 per party. Since we usually see a profit of about $5000.00 it was a wise investment.
6 years 9 months ago #153201 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Thanks so much for jumping in with some excellent ideas. The investment in getting florist cellophane sounded like a good one!

Just in case you hadn't seen this old thread I wanted to give you the link:
Some good ideas there.

We would love to see some photos of your finished baskets! IF you get a chance, please upload them to our new Auction group page:

Anyone have more basket ideas to pass along to Kerri? Or any photos they would like to share?


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6 years 9 months ago #153204 by Ano
What about food themed baskets such as Italian Dinner Night with pasta, sauce, bread etc. maybe with gourmet brands.

Coffee Break basket with gourmet coffee, mugs and muffins. Gevalia has an offer now for 3 boxes of coffee plus mug for $3 and no shipping cost.

Bath & Spa basket / Spring garden basket with small shovel, gloves, seeds, maybe small pots to grow herbs.

Fruit / Nut Lover's Delight Basket / Sports Lover's Basket with stuff for your local favorite team / Picnic Basket with plates/untensils/plastic cups/tablecloth etc / Dog or Cat Lover's Basket - treats - toys - etc /
6 years 9 months ago #153207 by BelieveKids
Movie lover - Netflix membership? Blu Ray Player, some DVD's? Movie passes, something autographed or some sort of memorabilia, framed movie posters (would look nice in the room)

Golf fanatic - Driving range tokens, golf clubs, golf balls, green fees, tees, golf bag, video of how to improve golf game.

The Gardner - tool set for gardening, gift cert for a landscaping company, gift cert to local garden center, seeds and seed mats, watering can, hose, a small tree or bush? It could be fun to put together.

Home Improvement - tools, gift cards to home depot or lumber yard, diy guides and the basket could be a tool box.

Car Lover - car cleaning kit, car wash tokens, gift cert to car part store, accessories

Summer Fun - a variety of items that make playing in the summer fun - beach sets, soccer goal, yard games like bean bag toss games, swimming stuff, bug collecting, etc.
6 years 9 months ago #153208 by Puddie922
Ano - great idea for

"Coffee Break basket with gourmet coffee, mugs and muffins. Gevalia has an offer now for 3 boxes of coffee plus mug for $3 and no shipping cost."

How can I get the Gevalia offer? I went to the website but have not been able to find it. Is there a direct link or can you tell me how I can take advantage of this?

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