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Box Tops for Education contests

14 years 11 months ago #90987 by FFCo-Pres
Does anyone have any good ideas for getting the students excited about Box Tops? Last year we had parties for the classes that met their goals.
We were more or less told by the principal that we could not do parties anymore. They take up to much class time. So we have been having prize drawings. We only have 4 scheduled for the whole year. Each time we gave out 10- 20 nice prizes.
But here it is Feb. and we only have 44%of our goal in. Any ideas welcome. Thanks
14 years 11 months ago #90988 by <SunshineMom>
In our school each grade level class that collects the most we do ice cream treats or popsicles, root beer floats it just depends. They can have them in the afternoon before going home how long does it take to have a ice-cream. I think that the kids enjoy that.
14 years 11 months ago #90989 by SkoolMom
Back to your original question: how do we get kids excited about saving boxtops? Connect them to money. We sell popcorn once a week at lunch. The cost is 25 cents a bag or 5 BoxTop$ For Education. We sold ice cream one day for 50 cents a bar or 10 BoxTop$ For Education. Once the kids become aware that these things are worth something, they make sure to save them. We don't do the classroom competition any more.
14 years 11 months ago #90990 by flmom2001
How timely this is for me! I just spent the weekend setting up our Box Tops contest, the first one the school will have had in the 2 years I've been there.
It will start next Wed., to give me time to print the flyers for the Tues. folders,and run thru March 20. That way I'll still have time to process the box-tops and get them out before March 31st.
I've written up blurbs for the morning announcements and will be making a poster for the teacher's mailroom.
The prizes are a freeze pop party for the winning class-we have a lot left over from another activity-and $25 for the winning teacher to spend at our book fair in April. That way the teachers have a reason to be interested in the outcome too.
We are talking about using box-tops as cash for tickets at our Multi-Cultural Fair also, but that isn't until April and those would have to go for next year's check.
Next year I hope to come up with something more creative, but this will do for now.
Did you know BFE has message boards on their site that talk about this very thing? HTH!
14 years 10 months ago #90991 by Jay Mancuso
KoolMom's approach is fantastic. We do not sell popcorn, but certainly will print the idea out and suggest it here in MA.

14 years 8 months ago #90992 by FFCo-Pres
I like the idea of using box tops as a way to pay for something other then needing cash. I wanted to do this last year at our end of the year barbeque but the rest of the PTO didn't like the idea. Maybe I will try to bring it up again.
We did end up almost $300 short of our goal. We also collected less then we did last year. So to me the kids really liked the parties and worked for them. We did buy a trophy we titled BOX TOPS
ALL STARS and the classroom that brings in the best average per student each month wins the trophy. They also get their photo in the local newspaper, and on our PTO bulletin board in the school entryway. An extra half hour recess and a snack are also awarded. The kids are anxious for us to award that extra half hour recess. We are waiting for a very nice day to do that. Up here in Northern Maine it's still kind of cool.
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