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Fall Harvest Festival Ideas

13 years 5 months ago #92074 by MomB
We are planning a Fall Harvest Festival this year in October. I am looking for additional ideas for games/contests/activities that some of you may have held at your schools.

We are holding a silent auction where each classroom will pick a theme for a basket and then fill it with items based on that theme. We're also soliciting businesses for donations.
Each pod of grade level classes will be responsible for 2 games giving us 12 games. We're going to have 6 inflatables with the vendor splitting the profit 50/50 us, and a cake walk. We've approached a local vendor about supplying food for us and we will have a person with a slushy machine.

We're trying to come up for an idea for our principal that people can bid on. I'm interested in any ideas which were successful for your schools in that area.

Am thinking about having a person who does balloon animals come as well.

Any other ideas for games/activities that were succesful would be appreciated! The school has not done a festival in years so we really want this to turn out well!

Thanks and if you would prefer to email me privately my email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
13 years 5 months ago #92075 by <brenda roderick>
We're having our first Fall Harvest Festival this fall as well. This is what I have planned:

I have over $4000 worth of items donated from businesses to have a silent auction (WOO HOO!!)

Pumpkin painting (we're having it Oct 18th, so it should be perfect!)

Pony Rides (local vendor is charging $250.00 to use for the entire 4 hours and we charge whatever we want to kids)

Line dancing (our local country music dj is a line dancer, she's coming for an hour to teach of charge)

Face Painting

Caramel Apple dipping

Family Portraits (we found a girl to do them for $20.00 (8 /13), we get $10.00 of that. We may even do them for $15.00.

I'd be interested in more ideas as well. I'm trying to keep it LOW budget...with almost everything donated.
13 years 5 months ago #92076 by ptsoparent
At our fall festival last year we had several games/stations. The ones I am listing below would be the lowest cost or no cost ones:

1. Apple "Bobbing": We borrowed the use of a new large metal trough from a farm supply store. Bought approx. 36 apples and colored the bottoms red, green, & yellow with some sharpies. The kids "bobbed" for the apples by choosing one and getting a corresponding prize.

2. Monster Treat Walk. We used some great halloween themed music and made some large "foot" cutouts with our die machine. They were each numbered. Play the music - stop. We drew 4 numbers per game - four winners ! We had treat bags filled with candy & misc. prizes from our previous year's field day & carnival & donated Kudo's bars.

3. Candy Hoop Toss: We covered a table with a tablecloth and spread tons of donated candy out on it - all donated. We had them varied in size...tootsie rolls to full size bars. The kids stood on a line and tossed the hoop onto the table. They got all of the candy in their hoop. We had two kids playing this game at a time.

Hope these low cost ideas help some of you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
John McLoughlin Elementary PTSO
13 years 5 months ago #92077 by lliband
we also have a halloween carnival. we have a cake walk which is always a hit but last year we had a cake decorating contest to supply the baked items and that turned out even better. we also had our art teacher do face painting and our principal did fortune telling - the kids loved both of those. my only other advice is to have some great prizes for the older kids and that drew a lot more of them to the carnival. we had the students walk through to vote on the best cake as we were setting up(early stage) so they could get a glimpse of some of the games and prizes and that also made a difference.

good luck!
13 years 4 months ago #92078 by pto queen
Here are some more ideas for you. Rent out tables to vendors....We line the hall with 6ft tables from a local church and rent to people who sell Discovery Toys, Mary Kay, Crafts, Jewerly, etc. We rent the tables for 25.00 and we have no expense. The biggest way to bring in children through out the to invite danceteams, karate schools, dance schools, gymnastics, cheer teams, children's choirs etc. Set up a entertainment stage and schedule them to appear once their proformance is over they will stay and play. Harvest basket......Have each child bring a small bag full of can goods to school then arrange this food in harvest baskets (boxes covered with brown paper or purchase laundry baskets) Have the kids sell harvest basket raffle ticket .50cents a piece or 15 for 5.00 dollars. Last year we made 1200. Just from this. If you have any questions feel free to email me :D

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1 year 2 months ago #168728 by Anonymous
Make Shift JAIL

This fundraiser is one that will work well if there’s a portable dog pen that can be set up. The Sheriff and Deputies are able to arrest classmates, teachers or administrators. Then anyone that is has been jailed must be bailed out by friends, coworkers or family for a nominal fee.

People needed-
Bail Bondsman

Get out of Jail Free Cards can be sold that night from the Bail Bondsman.
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