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15 years 2 weeks ago #95783 by mbg
I've been able to find bylaws and the PTO already has some anyway but what about position descriptions. Has anyone used them and do they help or hinder and where do I find them? Please let me know because I'm ready to tell the rest to, well any way I'm not happy at this point. :(
15 years 2 weeks ago #95784 by mykidsmom
There should be position descriptions in the by-laws...well in MOST by-laws there is a section on this topic. Do you have a copy of Roberts Rules of order? That great little read book can give you an idea of what a VP does or is expected of them.
Yeah, this is a handy section to have in the by-laws as if you think about it even Pizza Hut gives a job description to a waitress! (past life) Can you talk to the Secretary to see what version of the by-laws 'she' may have? The reason I say that is in 'most' pto's it is that person that keeps the lastest version- as part of their duties.
VP...if all else fails its basically
Very important Person....when the Prez is gone! HAHAHA
Oh Come on! That WAS FUNNY! ;)
15 years 1 week ago #95785 by mbg
Our by laws have a very brief description of what is expected but they don't cover very much
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