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whip cream pie booth at carnival

7 years 11 months ago #147931 by mrhgrh
We got permission to do a " Principal's Pie Shop" at our carnival. Has anyone ever done this, and do you have any tips? We have ideas on mess control, etc. I am just worried that everyone will want to do it, and kids will be disappointed if they don't get a turn. Our carnival is 3 hours long, and last year we had about 400 kids show up. Love to hear feedback from veterans!
7 years 11 months ago #147940 by ShellKing
We just did this at our carnival Friday night! It worked great. We charged $2 for that booth. The Bounce House was $50, the cake walk was $1 and all other games (in classrooms) were only $0.25. We sold a $10 ticket that included one Pie-in-the-Face and 2 Cake Walks, 2 Bounce Houses and 28 games (a $12 value). You could also do events individually and pay cash or use tickets.

We used whipped cream and a couple small cookies on each small paper plate. The cookies were to add weight so the plate could be thrown. I think they were Nilla wafer type of cookies. Also, we found that paper (not styrofoam) threw better. I didn't work the booth -- but I think each child got two plates to throw. We were able to reuse them.

We had two lines on the floor marked with tape for two age groups. Maybe 1st grade and under?

We used a lot of cheap plastic disposable table cloths to cover the floor and such.

It worked great. There was always a line. We sold about 500 of those passes and I don't know if everyone who bought one used the Pie - in the-Face part. The line was never too long. Teachers each volunteered for a 20 min time slot. Some wore googles or a diving-type mask. I think they liked it better than a dunk tank. It was less messy for us too! Our carnival lasted 2.5 hours.

Good luck!!
7 years 11 months ago #147941 by ShellKing
oops. that should say the bounce house was $0.50. I just gave you those prices so you could see the comparison.
6 years 8 months ago #153528 by vanessa
I am a High school teacher and we recently did a pie throw booth fundraiser. I was the main recipient of the pies. We made a great deal of money for a worthy charity. The students made a sturdy wooden board with holes for my face ,hands and feet. We used whip cream pies with aluminum trays. I was barefoot and wore a bathing suit. I was pied relentlessly but it was for a good cause. It was embarrassing but overall it was worth it. After a hit,a bucket of water was thrown at me to clean me up. Good Luck! I have also sat in a dunktank but this was more fun!
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