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Sample of Articles of Incorporation for California

4 years 4 months ago #161442 by nateyvonne
If anyone has a sample of Articles of Incorporation for California PTO's, I would be most appreciative if you could send me a copy. Our school's PTO is in it's 2nd year and our number 1 priority is getting our non profit status. Thank you in advance!
3 years 6 days ago #164930 by codylandis
Has anyone replied to this thread with an answer? I can't seem to figure out which type of corporation our private school PTO should become in California. Can anyone help me?
3 years 5 days ago #164936 by Craig
As long as your school isn't a for-profit school, you would apply to become a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

Editor in Chief
3 years 5 days ago #164938 by codylandis
Thank you Craig for your response. I have already crossed off the option you mentioned as my school is a for-profit private school so our PTO would not have a "public benefit." Do you know which of the remaining choices I should pick? The descriptions are vague on the California website and simply Googling the question seems to result in either out-of-state answers or pertain to public schools.

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