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14 years 4 months ago #90800 by newVPof H&S
Hello. Our school is looking for some new and exciting ideas for our Spring Fun Fair.

In the past, we have had huge blow ups such as the Adrenaline Rush, The Moon Walk, and a Mystery Machine in which tiny pieces of paper float around and the kids catch as many as they can. On the slips of paper, it says what prize they've won.

Besides these, we also do the usual games: duck pond, basketball toss, color wheel, etc.

We are desperately trying to find new and exciting ideas to replace these tired ones.

If anyone has some good ideas to share or knows of websites I may utilize in my search, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
14 years 4 months ago #90801 by Friarfan
We also run a Fall Festival at our school. Actually we hold in on the lawn of the Town Hall which is in the center of town. I am in the process of adding and changing things to the Festival. I did a search on and asked for carnival game ideas. website has some ideas under activities and crafts. Also has some carnival games. I printed the list and then altered some of them. Such as the Cake Walk. I changed it to the Cotton Candy Walk. The winner gets a free Cotton Candy. I have Certificates printed and use those as the prizes which are redemed at the booth. Sometimes some of the old games are the greatest but just need some sprucing up. We have the Duck Pond, but this year we are having a Bridge built for the children to walk across and then with a fish tank net are able to choose a duck. Also, we are doing a "Fish for your prize" game, we are putting together "grab bags" that the kids will be able to "Fish" for with a fishing pole.

Hope that helps. Good luck.
5 years 6 months ago #157781 by real fast
i need some really cool ideas for a summer fun fair really fast. any ideas are welcome!
5 years 6 months ago #157818 by buggal1989
We are going to do a western theme for our Fall Carnival this year. I actually came to PTO Today to post my games list. There is a spot here to put carnival things and as soon as I find it I am going to post and I will come back and give u the addy.
5 years 6 months ago #157819 by buggal1989
5 years 6 months ago #157820 by buggal1989
Branding Station
2 tickets
Temporary tattoos.
Order western and branding iron tattoos to carry out theme.

Fling The Cowflops
2 tickets
Fling 3 “cowflops” (plastic plates covered with brown paper then topped with a brown construction paper circle) into a wheelbarrow. 0 in - consolation, 1 in - prize from bag #!, 2 in - prize from bag #2, 3 in - prize from bag #3.

Farmer’s Fortune
2 tickets
Dig in corn in large barrel for a corn with sand scoop to find gold coins (Mark some coins with a “P”) to win a prize. Toddler toys.

It’s a Cake Round-Up!
4 Tickets
Cake walk. Parents donated cakes & desserts.

Pin the Horsetail
2 tickets
Pin the tail (made from a mop head) on the horse (sawhorse with poster board head). To play, blindfold and twirl then player tries to put the tail in place. One try per turn.

Herd the Pigs
2 tickets
Herd (hit with a pink flyswatter) the pigs (6 pink balloons) into the pig-pen (made with odd sections of fence) in one minute to win. Must get in all balloons to win.

Take Yer Picture
4 Tickets
Western backdrop with boy and girl scarecrows in western attire (without heads). Player stands behind scarecrow and put their head into place. Photo taken and printed. Need photo printer and setup. For 2 tickets additional tickets they can make a western theme photo frame at the craft booth.

Wanted Posters
2 tickets (?)
Set up a booth and issue “tickets” (to either be punched by the “farm animals” or for the child to write the code on). Either have someone dress as each animal and walk around the carnival to punch tickets or put up “Wanted” poster of each animal with a code # on each. When the player finds all four wanted farm animals they return to the booth to claim their prize.

Rope the Prize Cattle
2 tickets.
With a “lasso” (plastic plate with a circle cut out attached to a rope) rope the prize cow (sawhorse with a poster board head) to win the prize. Three tries per turn.

Gone Fishing
2 Tickets
Throw out a line at the fishing booth. Catch a small bag of candy or pretzels, cookies, etc. for Toddler toys.

Duck Crossing
3 tickets
Duck pond. Pick a duck (either a number on it or blank). Win a prize from the metal bucket that corresponds with the number on the duck. All prizes will be duck related. 3 prizes and consolation. Limit 2 duck wins. No limit on consolation. Toddler toys.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy!
4 Tickets
Ask parents to bring their horses to the carnival for a horse ride. Horse will be walked by a volunteer.

Pick Yer Padner
2 tickets
Sucker Pull. Color the ends of half the suckers with a red marker. Stick suckers in a hay bale. To play, pull out 2 suckers and if both ends match you win. If not, player gets to keep one sucker as a consolation prize. Toddler toys.

Ring Around the Campfire
3 Tickets
2 booths – 2 classes. Ring Toss. Set up (donated) 2 L drinks in a bowling pen pattern. To play, toss 3 rings and if one goes around a drink, you win the drink. If no “ringers” gets a consolation prize.

Bull Toss
2 tickets
Hang a tire with rope from a basketball goal. To play, toss the “bull” (football) through the ring. Three tries per turn. 0 in - consolation, 1 in - prize from bag #!, 2 in - prize from bag #2, 3 in - prize from bag #3.

Hay Ride
2 tickets
Either a trailer or a wagon pulled by a tractor. Can give out small bags of candy to each rider (limit one).

Critter Pettin’
2 tickets
4 H Petting Zoo. The 4H club provides animals to pet & view – rabbits, puppies, kittens, goats, chickens, etc.

Cowboy Bob’s Bounce-o-rama!
4 Tickets
Jumper & Slide. 10 minutes per turn. A separate bouncer is set up for small children.
Git Yer Grub On!

Get Yer Grub On

Pie in the Sky Darts
2 tickets
Throw 3 blunt ended lawn darts into 2 hula hoops placed on the ground. Near hoop – consolation, far hoop – winner.

Ticket Booth
Sell tickets for 4/$1. Post signs at this booth: (1) Games List with tickets needed to play, (2) Concessions available with tickets needed to "purchase", (3) Games that have toddler toys available, and (4) a map of the carnival layout.

PTO Pumpkin Patch Contest
Enter your decorated pumpkin into our contest. No entry fee. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes. One ticket per vote. No limit on votes.

Crafty Creations
2 tickets
Western themed crafts: door hanger, cactus magnet, bandanas, mini bulletin boards, braided bracelets, beads bracelet, photo frames. All craft items (including glue) will be provided. Booth set-up & staff needed.
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