When it comes to parent group tasks, teacher appreciation activities are some of the most rewarding. In fact, it is sometimes hard to tell who enjoys teacher appreciation more—the teachers who receive expressions of gratitude, or the PTO leaders who have so much fun putting together the celebrations. Teacher Appreciation Week, an early May tradition, will be celebrated from May 4 through May 8 this year. And if you are looking for tips and ideas for your teacher appreciation planning, you’ve landed in the right spot.

To help you navigate through these resources, we’ve put together this Teacher Appreciation Resource List. It includes links to our most popular articles, downloadables, and clip art.

First, the Plan

It is worth taking some time to think about the big picture—what does your group want to do for teacher appreciation? Consider the overall personality of your community. Would the teachers like one big luncheon celebration (costumes, props, etc.) or a low-key approach with just a small gift for each staff person?

Next, the Budget (or Not)

Some groups have a line item on the budget for teacher appreciation expenses. But many don’t have any extra funds for it. No worries—teacher appreciation lends itself to homemade gifts and acts of kindness that have no cost but a person’s time.

Get Creative

Teacher appreciation is a time to let your creative side shine. For those who need some help in motivating that inner artist, we’ve got you covered:

Last-Minute Ideas

It isn’t a problem if your group hasn’t planned out its teacher appreciation activities. Many people thrive when a deadline is looming and get great results. Here’s some help:

Downloadables: Organizing Your Teacher Appreciation Activities

Our free downloadable files can help you get organized, promote your event, request volunteers, and show teachers you care. The documents can be customized for your group.

Downloadables: Poems

Consider providing teachers with sweet poems that express how special they are.

Downloadables: Fun Gift Labels and Tags

Try downloading our free gift tags and labels that you can attach to small gifts to give teachers a smile or a chuckle.

For a complete list of all our downloadables, including gift tags for erasers, scissors, iced tea, and more, check our File Exchange on Teacher Appreciation.

Clip Art and Images

You can bring that “something extra” to cards, notes, or emails by using our clip art and quotes.

Event Themes

Teachers really love a teacher appreciation celebration with a fun theme. Plus, having a theme helps organizers because it simplifies planning and purchases.

One Final Note: Teacher Appreciation at the Holidays

You don’t need to worry about the holiday season now. But tuck these away for next year!