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Family movie night flyers, snack tickets, concession stand and welcome signs, and much more to help you run a successful family movie night event at your school.

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Give your Family Movie Night a movie theater feel with these cute printable tickets.
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Movie night Flyer with RSVP
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Registration form for Movie Nights.
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Movie night flyer for our school. Kids voted and this became our movie choice.
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Sign for your concession area on Family Movie Night.
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Sign for the door welcoming guests to your Family Movie Night event.
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Editable version of movie night pick where children vote for which movie should be shown and RSVP.
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The children are given a choice as to what movie they would like to see for Movie Night!
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This file is associated with the "You Pick the Flick" Movie Night in which the kids decide which movie to watch. This years winner was Underdog!
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Dad's Movie Night Flyer
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Grayscale flyer, works best if copied onto color paper. I used a light yellow. Included with the flyer was a short FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page detailing movie attendance, concessions and other guidelines.
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We laminate these to use each year. We give each person one as they come in the door. (or so many for each family member to the parent) Everyone can have one free snack and beverage and we charge 25 cents after that.
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When you order your movie license, you are given access to posters. I downsize it to fit on a flier.
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