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Contest for parents to get them to signup online
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This 50 Count Editable Collection Sheet for Summer Vacation, is made on 1 page with numbered boxes and a few BTs icons and a few boxes which say "Gilb
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Poem: Twas the day before vacation.
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A fun collection sheet to hand out to your students in order to encourage a summertime collection of Box Tops for Education!
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A 10 count collection sheet that will entertain the kids while they collect their Box Tops for Education!
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Perfect for the summertime collections for Box Tops for Education program at your school or organization!
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A flyer to send home with your students with information about the Box Tops Marketplace. Recognizable logos adorn the page with a brief description o
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A sweet way to get the kids collecting their box tops! This document prints in black and white, and contains images of strawberries for the children
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Webkinz 25 count Editable Collection Sheet
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A playground themed collection sheet that will hold 25 Box Tops for Education pieces! With a slide, swing, playhouse and more, it's sure to catch a c
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This is a power point sheet. I didn't want to convert it to a pdf file so people can edit it.
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Summer Olympics 25 Count Collection sheet in ppt.
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