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Sample budgets and templates to help set up a parent group budget that fits your group goals and needs.

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Customizable spreadsheet example of a good budget.
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Our budget as submitted to our members for approval.
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This is an excel workbook, which you can use to enter your guests, funds received, and track expenses of multiple persons for a dance. This workbook
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Budget Projection form for committees - all fields can be customized
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Budget spreadsheet for auction and other events.
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Customizable auction income and expenses worksheet.
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Updated sample of a detailed PTO or PTA budget; more info on budgeting can be found in the PTO Leader's Toolkit and the PTO Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Updated! PTO self-assessment form to help continually strengthen the parent group's financial security.
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Detailed Elementary School Budget.
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Updated! Customizable letter to send to a volunteer auditor who is conducting the annual financial review for your PTO or PTA.
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Log checkbook register items on this worksheet to identify budget categories; Form 1 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Some typical budget categories for creating a new budget; Form 2 in the Treasurer's Toolkit.
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To use in conjunction with the Budget Category Transaction Worksheet for a new budget; Form 3 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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For a multi-year budget comparison to get a better sense of projected expenses and income; Form 4 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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A simplified form to use in the final steps of budget planning; Form 5 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Recommended design for a monthly treasurer's report to the executive board; Form 14 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Shows the effect of spending and income for the month on the actual budget categories; Form 15 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Two-part sample budget with simplified and detailed expense categories; included in the Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Comprehensive guide for PTO and PTA treasurers to ensure that funds are handled correctly and protected for the long term.
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simple budget worksheet in Excel
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PTO Today: Profit and Loss Sample Statement

Customizable auction income and expenses worksheet.

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