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Sample budgets and templates to help set up a parent group budget that fits your group goals and needs.

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A one-page Treasurer's Report with a starting balance, plus monthly income minus monthly expenses, plus a year-to-date actual compared to budget. Ther
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Budget for Ryan Elementary PTO
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Simple Excel spreadsheet budget. Great tool for budget planning. Compares previous year budget, previous year actual, and proposed budget.
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Example of a monthly treasurer report showing income vs. spending; learn more about budgeting in the Leader’s Toolkit and Treasurer’s Toolkit.
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Blank spreadsheet for determining projected and actual costs to run a family night or other event.
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One of several forms posted that relate to a fun run done at a middle school
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This is a form that is required to be turned in with any funds collected and turned in to the Treasurer.
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This is a sample form to figure the potential costs and profits of an event.
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This is a sample of our check request form. It is used when someone needs to request reimbursement or payment of an invoice.
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This is a sample of our Budget Request Form. I've seen these also referred to as Teacher Grant Request Forms.
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simple budget worksheet in Excel
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Comprehensive guide for PTO and PTA treasurers to ensure that funds are handled correctly and protected for the long term.
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Two-part sample budget with simplified and detailed expense categories; included in the Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Shows the effect of spending and income for the month on the actual budget categories; Form 15 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Recommended design for a monthly treasurer's report to the executive board; Form 14 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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A simplified form to use in the final steps of budget planning; Form 5 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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For a multi-year budget comparison to get a better sense of projected expenses and income; Form 4 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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To use in conjunction with the Budget Category Transaction Worksheet for a new budget; Form 3 in Treasurer's Toolkit.
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Some typical budget categories for creating a new budget; Form 2 in the Treasurer's Toolkit.
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